About Coast Salish Coffee

Coast Salish Coffee has two goals, to deliver delicious, ethically sourced, quality coffee and to give back to the community it serves. So, 20% of every sale is donated in part to two organizations, Lydia Place and Saved in America, with more coming soon!

With these goals in mind, owners Dina and Jeremy Garcia went into business to create what is now the Coast Salish Coffee Company, a premium coffee roastery with deep tribal roots, great coffee, and an appetite for change.


Coast Salish Coffee is proud to offer some of the world’s best coffee. Grown in Guatemala, our coffee beans come from a cooperative of family farms who have been growing coffee for generations. These farmers care for the land, grow their crops organically, and never use harmful bird nets which can have devastating effects on the environment.The resulting cup of coffee is clean, bright-tasting, low in acidity, and simply delicious. Once you try it, you’ll be glad you did, but not only for the taste.



Lydia Place is a local organization dedicated to disrupting the cycle of homelessness and promoting sustained independence for current and future generations. Originally created for women and families Lydia Place has grown to serve over 150 families of all sizes and compositions at a time. That is why a portion of our sales goes to help Lydia's place do even more good than they already do.



Saved in America is a group of private investigators who volunteer their time and resources to locate lost and trafficked children and reunite them with their families. With rescues ranging from California to Florida, this organization has saved hundreds, and the issue hits close to home for us. Another portion of our sales is given to Saved in America so that they can help reunite families across the America.



Coast Salish Coffee is a Lummi-owned company with a strong heritage. In these troubling times more and more of our Lummi tribespeople are unable to feed their families by fishing as many have for generations. People are being forced to turn to hunting and other means of filling their freezers and stomachs. We offer empowering employment opportunities for skilled tribe members. Being a successful tribal run company offers many benefits to the Lummi Nation and the thousands of people in it.



Every sip of our delicious coffee will help fight homelessness, human trafficking, and empower tribal people. Please consider purchasing to support these great causes and to make your mornings a little bit sweeter. We are certain that you will find our coffee second to none and that you will be proud of the work that you are supporting. Most people don’t pour up a cup of change every morning, but you can.

See our Product page to learn more about our coffee.